Shirt Collar-Links

Shirt Collar-Links



Collar-Links™ 2.0 An innovative concept in shirt collar fastening accessories.

With no alteration to the shirt required, Collar-Links mimics collar stays, shirt collar pins and shirt collar bars. These premium Japanese steel fasteners feature an internal "Flux Quantum magnetic technology" making ordinary magnetic accessories obsolete. Its patent pending sphere/button latching system allows a pinning-like ability, taking a shirt collar into various styles, including; narrow, spread button-down, tab collar and bar style.





Collar-Links™ Redesigned inside-out.

The new Links fasteners features a completely re-engineered back "Fabric-latching Sphere system"  This dramatically reduces loosing the links while more efficiently affixing the shirt collar in a desire position or style. The new 2.0 links display a " Black precious resin" side inlay ring, giving the links a sophisticated and low-profile look while worn. Built with an unprecedented high-precision craftsmanship, the new Collar-Links 2.0  delivers a a slick, functional and luxurious accessory.