Tips on ruling the city on Mondays

Tips on ruling the city on Mondays 

Complete your shirt with a suitable tie that matches the rest of your outfit. The color of your tie should closely complement with your shirt, whether in the "background" of the tie or inside of a subtle pattern on the tie. Striped ties are classic and conservative, while solid ties are generally more formal. Remember that the sleeve lengths are approximate. If you tall and slim, then your sleeve length will likely be longer. Don't be afraid to ask someone for help.For example, a size 17/34-35 shirt is supposed to fit men who need either a 34- or a 35-inch sleeve. In general, exact sizing is preferable.

While it may seem unconventional, light pink is a fairly common color for a dress shirt in the workplace. This is not to be confused with a "hot pink" or magenta color, which is less common.
Tailored shirts are designed generally for individuals with an athletic or otherwise cut build. If you have a big stomach, then stick to a shirt with a traditional full cut.

Button-down collars are more casual than their unbuttoned collar counterparts. If you plan not to wear a tie, button-down collars always look best.
Contrast is key. If you are wearing a solid dress shirt, choose a patterned tie. If you are wearing a blue dress shirt, then consider a red or a yellow tie [yellow is more summer-oriented]. Be certain that your tie has a bit of blue in it to match your dress shirt.

The U.S. size chart above refers to men's shirts; women's shirts utilize a different sizing system. Some shirts may be labeled with Italian sizes or under some other sizing system. When in doubt, it is often best to try the shirt on before you buy. Other collar types include pin collars (which feature holes on each side of the collar to accommodate , Tab-Collar (with small cloth tabs that button together, holding the collar tight around the tie), and banded collars (a less formal narrow collar that does not fold down, normally worn without a necktie). You may want to try these variations made possible with our Collar-Links to determine which look is right for you. 

Final Tip

If you are a conservative dresser, conventional wisdom once held that one should avoid monotone combinations, such as a red dress shirt with a solid red tie, or a black dress shirt with a black suit. For trendier tastes, the mono-color look has become fashionable in recent years.