Prometheus Cufflinks Collection


  "Loose, baggy cuffs common with conventional cufflinks will now be a thing of the past. Enjoy the polished and sophisticated look that only COLLATERALS Prometheus Cufflinks can offer."

Carlos Castillo



COLLATERALS’  Prometheus collection boasts a unique, patent-pending design which showcases an intelligent dual-action foldable system, creating a unique, functional and innovative fastening cufflink. Made of high-grade stainless steel and brought to life by some of the most gifted machine technicians in this field, the Prometheus collection offers the only cufflinks which combine CONVENIENCE, STYLE and TECHNOLOGY in one unique product. Designer Castillo, fascinated by universal cultures and legends, did not take long to decide on the theme of the mythical Greek god Prometheus, who presented mankind with the gift of fire.



  •     All new hyper-mirror finish
  •        Foldable construction
  •        Locking capability
  •        Premium grade stainless steel