Collar-Links Collar Stays

An innovative new concept in shirt collar stays. As the only collar fasteners in the market which feature the Flux Quantum Technology, Collar-Links' technology allows any shirt collar to be transformed into a various styles, including; Narrow Button Down, Tab Collar Bar and Spread style. In addition, the Collar Links are undeniably stylish which make them a perfect accessory to elevate a well-dressed man’s wardrobe.

  • Rhodium coated
  • 12.5mm x 4mm Stud
  • Flux Quantum charged technology (Stronger than magnets)
  • 7.5mm Sphere
  • Precious resin side inlay


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Collar-Links Collar Stays

The Concept

Each Collar Link stud is comprised with: A Flux Rhodium coated stud and a flux sphere, creating a unique accessory.

To attach the fasteners onto the shirt collar, the stud is simply placed over the collar points and paired with the flux sphere placed inside your shirt, rearranging and affixing the collar in the preferred style. The Flux Quantum Charged technology actually creates a vacuum like effect and features a proprietary fabric-latching action on the backside of the stud which essentially transforms the Collar Links into virtual pins.

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