Collar-Links shirt collar stays



      Our Collar-Links™ technology is an innovative new concept in shirt collar stays/ shirt collar pins and shirt collar bars. These collar fasteners feature our unique Flux Quantum technology makes Collar-Links ten times stronger than magnets. Its sphere/Button locking system allows a pinning-like ability thus allowing  a shirt collar to be transformed into various styles, including; narrow button-down, tab collar bar and spread style. Our stylish Collar-Links™ are the perfect accessory to elevate a well-dressed man’s wardrobe. Collar-Links works as shirt collar pins, pinning down your shirt collar in place.


       Fabric Latching Demo

      Collar-Links features a patent pending back locking/latching action, in which the shirt's fabric gets pinned-down between the stud button and the sphere ball.





              Sphere Ball: 7.90 mm
              Stud Button: 12.5 x 4.5 mm
              Flux Quantum-charged technology (Stronger than a magnet)


              COLLAR FASTENING




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